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General Chiropody Treatments

New patients

We take your foot health seriously. All new patients are assessed so that your medical history, circulation, sensation and dermatological status are examined in order to provide you with a safe treatment targeted to your particular needs. We test your foot pulses with a doppler, sensation tests with a neurotip and 10g monofilament and examine your skin carefully for lumps, bumps and moles which should not be there. We also cut your toe nails and remove hard skin and corns where ever needed. Self care advice is given.

Medical nail cut

We cut your nails taking into consideration their shape, thickness and texture. We may use a nail drill or nail file to reduce excessive thickness and clear debris from the sides of the nails.  During the treatment, we check your feet for lesions, corns and callus which may cause problems and bring this to your attention. Advice is given as necessary.

Callus and corn removal

Your toenails are cut, cleared and filed. Corns and calluses are removed with a blade and / or sanding disc as required.  Heels may be filed and emollient rubbed in according to your needs. Advice is given as required.

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