Alyce Williams Counselling

"You may be asking yourself "What does Person Centred mean?"
Well it means that you, the client are at the centre of our work

It is my belief that every person has the answers they need to help heal themselves and my job is to help you to find what is causing distress by offering a warm, compassionate and none judgemental approach"

Alyce Williams - Counsellor

Alyce Williams is a Person Centred Counsellor Clinic offering appointments at Reid Podiatry Clinic:


7 Market Square, Rugeley, WS15 3RE.


Alyce offers counselling for

  • ​bereavement

  • sexual and domestic abuse

  • loss of self esteem

  • depression and anxiety

Please contact Alyce for enquiries or to book an appointment:   

PHONE NUMBER: 07546 465652

EMAIL: alyce.williams.counselling52@gmail.comgraph. 

For further details, please go to 

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Reid Podiatry 

7 Market Square


Staffordshire, WS15 2BJ

  Clinic Times             

Monday 9.00 - 12.30

Tuesday 9.00 - 2.30

Wednesday 9.00 - 2.30

Thursday 9.00 - 2.30

Friday - CLOSED

Saturday 9.00 - 12.30



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