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Soft tissue / Joint mobilisation 

The Podiatrist utilises mobilisation techniques bringing together manual therapy and a knowledge of foot mechanics to help restore structure and function to the joints within the foot using hands on treatment.


Soft tissue mobilisation has been proven to be effective in relieving tension in the soft tissues, ligaments, tendons and muscles effecting or within the foot. Treatment is  gentle and painless and stimulates the body's inherent ability to restore and repair itself.

Joint mobilisation is also gentle and painless. The articulating surfaces of the joints within and around the foot and ankle are gently put through their range of motion in their natural direction of movement in order to improve movement and mobility and reduce pain.


Mobilisation is ideal for the following conditions:

  • Bunions

  • Stiff joints

  • Aching feet

  • High arched feet

  • Flat feet

  • Heel pain

  • and more

After mobilisation treatment your feet will feel relaxed with more movement around the joints. The podiatrist will advise how many treatments may be necessary and appropriate exercises or self mobilisation to achieve a prolonged improvement.

Physiotherapy Session
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