Medical nail reconstruction  

  • New Patient -  Assessment & Preparation of the Nail (40 mins) - £45

  • New Patient - Reconstruction Procedure (40 mins) - £50 (1 toe)      £90 (2 toes)

  • Returning Patients - Preparation (40mins) - £34

  • Returning Patients - Reconstruction Procedure (40 Mins) - £50 (1 toe)     £90 (2 toes)

Nail paint using Drs Remedy nail polishes - £10



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PediSafe is an aesthetic nail reconstruction and remodelling/nail correction system, specially developed for us on toenails. Curable in UV light, it contains antifungal and antimicrobial agents.

A Medical Model is used for the application process meaning no double dipping, no cross infection or contamination and it is applied in a medically safe environment. The type of client treated are those that should not be treated by beauty salons due to problems with their nails or skin.

Clients that benefit from this treatment include those with mycotic nails (fungal), nails damaged by trauma, psoriatic nails, onychauxis (thick), split/thin nails, to build a new nail over an area when subungual corns have been removed after treatment, involuted and ingrown (non-infected) nails.

Just the tiniest residual nail can be sculpted and if no nail is present a full prosthesis could be sculpted.

Pre & Post care Advice

Do not shower, bathe or swim prior to treatment application, instead bathe the night before to let the nail dry out thoroughly.

The longevity of the reconstruction depends on your lifestyle/activity/health. It can last 2 weeks+, some cases last 3 months! This is depending upon the nail to which it is applied.

If you are sun sensitive, apply factor 50+ sun protection to feet 30 mins prior to treatment.

Two appointments are necessary for this procedure: An assessment /  consultation appointment for the area and any existing natural to be prepared and a second appointment for the nail reconstruction soon after. Application performed sooner may run the risk of failure.

PediSafe can be used before gel/normal polish application and alongside Onychomycosis (fungal) treatment such as the Lacuna method.

Once applied, avoid hot baths, trauma from sports & excessive swimming, treat like jewellery and look after them.

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