Modern nail reconstruction  

  • 1 large toe nail - £50

  • 2 large toe nails - £90

  • 1 lesser toe - £35


Modern nail reconstruction is an aesthetic toenail correction treatment using the Wilde Pedique Plus system which restores the toe nail partially or completely providing an attractive cosmetic result.  It is ideal for people who have damaged, fungal or traumatized nails so they can be confident to show their feet on holiday, daily living or that special occasion.  It is suitable for both women and men.


The Wilde Pedique plus system is a highly durable, safe and flexible resin which feels just like a natural nail. It lasts up to 6 weeks or more before it needs to be removed and replaced if required. 


The toenail is firstly prepared using a drill and careful reduction of the existing nail plate so that the nail reconstruction will take to the nail bed and nail beneath.


The 1-phase resin is not damaging to the natural nail like some false nail systems used by beauticians. It is applied to the nail bed and the colour, shape and length of the cosmetic nail determined according to the problem, colour of the nail bed and discolouration of the nail to be covered.


It is cured under a special light for two minutes. The cosmetic nail is then finished with a subtle surface shine.