Specialist Podiatry  Packages                          




Biomechanics / MSK Package for Ankle, Foot or Heel Pain - from £180

  • 45 minute assessment including weight bearing and non weight bearing examination

  • Areas of foot pressure examined with the Pexiglas podoscope

  • Structured treatment plan to achieve the best possible outcome

  • Structured stretching and strengthening exercise regime 

  • Soft tissue mobilisation and / or joint mobilisation as appropriate 

  • Includes semi bespoke insole or orthotic therapy if indicated

  • Referral for steroid injection if required

  • Referral for xray, ultra sound tests or MRI if required

  • Referral to other podiatric specialists if required

  • A follow up review appointment at 4 weeks and 8 weeks

  • Video analysis is often not required for the majority of patients but can be arranged


  Nail Surgery Package - from £260 (1 toe) to £350 (2 toes)                                       

This treatment may be necessary for damaged or ingrowing toenails which are too deep or too painful to be treated conservatively. 

The procedure is done under a local anaesthetic and is a permanent solution.


  • Assessment appointment and examination of the offending nail/s including medical history check and suitability for local anaesthetic

  • Surgery appointment to remove the offending nail/s

  • Local anaesthetic

  • Post-surgical dressing pack with 10 dressings, tubeguaze and tape

  • Full written advice sheets before and after surgery

  • Follow up review appointments at 1- 2 weeks and 4 - 6 weeks

  • Post surgical support to include written order for antibiotics if required


  Verruca Needling Package - from £260                                                                

   Verruca needling is ideal for long standing (a year or more) verrucae which have not responded to other treatment and large mosaic          verrucae or multiple verrucae over a large area of the foot. Needling is usually a one off treatment done under a local anaesthetic.

  • Assessment appointment

  • Needling appointment

  • Local anaesthetic

  • Dressing pack

  • Full written information sheets 

  • Follow up review appointments at 1-2 weeks and 8 - 12 weeks






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