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Foot, Ankle & Heel Pain

Foot, ankle and heel pain may have many causes. It is important to establish what is causing the pain or discomfort before any form of treatment, insole or orthotic is prescribed and that is where a podiatrist comes in!

Timely intervention and appropriate investigation and treatment is important so that healing can take place as quickly as possible. The longer the pain continues, it can become long standing or chronic, and the longer it may take to treat for an effective outcome.

A podiatrist is able to assess, diagnose and treat foot, ankle and heel pain and prescribe the best course of treatment. In the long run this may save the patient time and money as over the counter insoles and inappropriate exercises may be doing more harm than good.


It is important for the podiatrist to understand how the pain started and the pattern of intensity and frequency of the pain as well as the site/s where the pain manifests and under what circumstances.  A full medical history and biomechanical assessment is carried out at the first appointment. This may involve an examination of the lower limbs particularly the structure and alignment of the shoulders, pelvis, knees, legs and feet at rest and weight bearing. Sometimes a weakness in one area can lead to pain or structural problem somewhere else.


A differential diagnosis is given after the assessment and investigations such as x-rays or ultrasound scans organised via the GP if appropriate to confirm the diagnosis. A recommended treatment pathway and treatment plan is discussed with the patient.


Treatment plans may include:

  • advice on pain control / rest / footwear advice

  • stretching, strengthening and proprioception exercises at specific intervals in the treatment pathway supported by Physitrack videos

  • insoles or semi custom made orthotics

  • soft tissue or joint mobilisation therapy

  • steroid injections

  • referral to an MSK Specialist Podiatrist for injection therapy  

  • referral to a Surgical Podiatrist

  • referral to a Sports Therapist. We are affiliated to Marcus at Paeon Injury & Fitness based in Chasewater 

PodoSmart Gait Analysis

The PodoSmart system uses the latest technology to accurately measure your walking or running profile in just a few minutes. Smart insoles featuring in built sensors that detect the smallest foot movements and an integrated micro-processor that calculates biomechanical data are inserted into your shoes. A short walk or run is carried out to collect detailed information on your walking or running profile. The results are transferred to a PC or tablet by Bluetooth and analysed by the Podiatrist to provide a comprehensive review of your biomechanical efficiency. Results can be reviewed at a future date for comparative analysis if required.


If orthotics are indicated, we offer a three tier solution to meet all budgets and needs.

  • 1st line solution - off the peg

  • Semi bespoke solution - which can be adapted and modified to the patient's prescription

  • Bespoke or custom solution - foam box impressions are taken and lab manufactured to meet the patient's exact requirements.

 MSK Assessment - £80 

  • Full medical history

  • Joint and soft tissue assessment

  • Muscle strength tests

  • Standing examination

  • Exercise programme as required

  • Orthotic / insole prescription as required

Biomechanics  Assessment with Podosmart Insoles Gait Analysis   £120

  • Full medical history

  • Joint and soft tissue assessment

  • Muscle strength tests

  • Standing examination

  • gait analysis with PODOSmart Insoles

  • Exercise programme as required

  • Orthotic / insole prescription as required

Bespoke / Custom orthotics   £350

Foam box cast

Individual prescription determined

Liase with Lab

Lab manufacture orthotic

Fitting of orthotic

Foot & Ankle Injections

Scott Alldrick, MSK Specialist Advanaced Practitioner

A specialist clinic (once a month) focussed on Steroid and Sodium Hyaluronate injections

Consultation - £80

Steroid injection - £95

Additional steroid injection during same appointment - £60

Guided ultrasound joint steroid injection - £200

Ostenil injection joints in foot - £100

Ostenil injection in ankle joint - £150

Ostenil PLus - £225

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