Treatments and Price List                                       


New patients assessment and treatment - £35

All new patients will have a 30 minute appointment with the podiatrist in order to assess medical risk in relation to their foot health. The assessment includes a doppler examination of arterial blood flow and nerve sensitivity tests. A treatment plan is agreed and initial treatment is included.

Consultation - £35

The podiatrist will discuss your foot problem with you giving advice regarding treatment options and / or self care advice. No treatment is given in a consultation. 


Tier 1: Medical Nail Cut - £27

Care of all nail conditions including parring down of thick, fungal or damaged nails.                                                                                                                                

Tier 2:  General treatment  - Podiatrist - £32    Foot Health Practitioner - £30 

Removal of corns and hard skin including heel fissures.              


Upgrade your chiropody treatment to include a medical pedicure 

Fungal Toe Nail Lacuna Method Treatment - £32

​Lacuna method treatment is a specialist treatment where micro holes are burred into the nail plate to allow for more effective topical treatment.

  • Assessment and initial treatment

  • Burring of micro holes

It is advised that this treatment is repeated every 8 weeks until the infection is resolved.


Verruca Treatments - £30

The Podiatrist will assess the verruca infection and discuss the treatment options suitable for you dependant on the nature of the verruca/s, the size, spread, length of time they have been present and other factors. 

Reid Podiatry offer the following verruca treatment options:

  • Acid or combination acid therapy

  • Cryotherapy

  • Needling (see podiatry packages) 


Ankle, foot or heel pain consultation and assessment - £45      - with 1st phase orthotics - £65

Biomechanical Assessment - £45         - with 1st phase orthotics - £65

Follow up review - £34

Soft tissue / Joint mobilisation - £34

Insoles / Orthotics

  • 1st line - from £25

  • Semi bespoke - from £70

  • Bespoke made to measure - from £290


Diabetic Foot Risk Assessment & Annual review - £35           

People with diabetes are at risk of developing foot ulcers which may lead to more severe complications. It is of utmost importance that people with diabetes see a Podiatrist at least once a year for an Diabetic Foot Risk Assessment & Annual Review to identify their foot risk status of developing a foot ulcer. 

The Podiatrist will:

  • take a full medical, surgical and medication history

  • undertake a thorough examination of the feet for areas of damage or concern

  • test the arterial circulation with a doppler ultra sound machine to hear the quality of the pulses

  • test the sensation with the 10g monofilament and neurotip pen to determine areas of loss of sensation or neuropathy

  • provide an individual foot risk status based on all the above findings

  • provide a written report of the outcome and a copy sent to the GP and the patient

  • advise the patient on how to look after and maintain their foot health in light of the findings above

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