Medical Pedicure with Warm Wax Therapy - £70

A luxurious add on treatment to the medical pedicure intended to moisturise and soften the skin and also provide a therapeutic and healing heat to aching joints. 


The Prende Orb system heats paraffin wax with added lavender and citrus oils to a maximum of 60 degrees so the skin can be coated without burning or blistering. The individual wax pots ensure a hygienic system free of cross contamination.

The feet are coated in layers of the soothing warm wax and cocooned in a pair of heated booties for a few minutes. The feet are then massaged with a nourishing moisturising cream to re-hydrate the skin and encourage the circulation. leaving the feet soft and relaxed.

Paraffin wax has been used therapeutically to apply heat to reduce swelling in muscles, decrease inflammation of joints and soft tissue, soothing pain from arthritis and improving circulation. It is of particular benefit to people suffering with:



Extreme dry skin

Eczema and psoriasis


Rheumatic joints



Warm Wax Therapy is not recommended for people with the following conditions:



Varicose Veins

Inflammatory skin conditions

Open wounds or cuts

Why not add a warm wax therapy treatment to a Medical Pedicure for an ultimate luxurious foot treatment experience


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